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best civil lawyers in Kolkata
In our legal practice, we approach your case with a new perspective.

Find the Best Civil Lawyers in Kolkata

One of the most well-known and skilled civil lawyers in Kolkata belongs to Technofin India. They have expertise in the legal field and have represented several clients in a variety of venues. Although we are primarily a law business with offices in Kolkata, India, we have a large network of lawyers and counsels to serve our customers there.

Our firm’s success comes from its staff members’ diverse legal experience and creative, proactive attitude to solving legal issues. To give our customers the best service possible, we are always working.

A Genuine Civil Legal Service

Our legal service is always prepared to defend you and your family during that trying time when a dispute over movable or immovable property, a dispute over payments or non-payments, a dispute related to trade or transaction, or any other issue arises and the matter is under the jurisdiction of any court.

Civil law

What is Civil Law? Why it is Important?

“The law enforced by the state, as opposed to regular law,” is a short phrase. According to the Civil Procedure Code of 1908, civil law deals with individual wrongs and offers parties particular remedies or restitution.

In all of these situations, where criminal laws are not involved, civil attorneys in India handle the case. In India, certain legal rights that have been declared are upholdable in court. Property, family, divorce, child custody, contract, commercial, and other disputes are handled in courts with the appropriate jurisdiction and resolved with the aid of attorneys.

Our Area of practice in civil law:-

  • Property Registration and licensing.
  • Claims involving personal injury, negligence, fraud, defamation
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Injunction over property
  • Improper transfer of land
  • Solicitation of business
  • Adoption and guardianship
  • Financial recoveries
  • Cheque Bounce cases
  • Declaration of rights
  • Breach of contract cases in jobs, delivering goods or services

What services do Our Civil Lawyers provide?

First and foremost, our civil attorneys comprehend the details of the case that has been presented to them. Our civil attorneys will provide clients with the most sincere legal counsel that is in their best interests.

Additionally, they will divulge any gaps in the client’s records or any information that they are aware of. Our civil attorney is aware of the potential complexity of the case and if the client is entitled to compensation.

As a result, it is the responsibility of our civil attorneys to inform their clients of the real circumstances and the likelihood that the requested legal remedy will be effective. The client indicates his willingness to engage our specific civil lawyer once the facts of the case have been known and discussed by signing the Vakilat Patra, which is presented to the court as the initial document.

Then our civil attorneys submit the facts of the case to the court. The facts are supported by pertinent evidence and witnesses, and the court then renders a decision. The resolution of civil proceedings often takes longer.

Definition of a Civil Lawyer

A civil lawyer is in charge of explaining to the client the meaning of any legal phrases used during the hearing or in the supporting documents. To make it easier for the consumers to grasp, he or she interprets it or clarifies it in plainer language.

What are Civil Lawyer’s jobs?

A civil lawyer’s work entails arguing non-criminal issues, most of which center on property and legal claim disputes. He or she aids others in recognizing and obtaining their legal rights. As a civil lawyer, you would represent clients in court cases involving corporations, properties, and individuals. Empathy for people and society is essential for being a good civil attorney.

Information Acquisition

A civil attorney is tasked with watching, receiving, and gathering data about legal conflicts from a variety of sources.

Making choices

A civil lawyer is in charge of making crucial judgments that will inform and analyze outcomes to offer answers and resolve issues.


A civil lawyer is in charge of making sure that procedures, using pertinent data and pertinent judgment, comply with laws, rules, and standards.

Address Grievances

A civil lawyer deals with civil problems’ non-criminal aspects. He or she deals with grievances, resolves arguments, and ends disagreements between parties. A civil attorney bargains with other parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review the list of civil Lawyers in Kolkata and select the finest one for your situation.

The greatest civil lawyer in Kolkata is the one who comprehends your situation, charges reasonable rates, and advises you on the best course of action.

Top civil Lawyers in Kolkata earn different amounts of money depending on whether they represent clients in subordinate courts or the Kolkata High Court. The success rate and level of expertise also affect civil lawyers’ rates in Kolkata.

A civil lawyer in Kolkata is qualified to practice law everywhere in the city and throughout India. Civil advocate in Kolkata, however, often works in Kolkata courts, but they are also qualified to practice in any other court in India.