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Expert in Family law in India

Top Family Court Lawyers in Kolkata

Find the best family court lawyers in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The 1984 Family Courts Act: In actuality, this Act proposes the establishment of courts with the exclusive purpose of resolving family disputes.

This is mostly done with the goal of advancing compromise and securing a speedy resolution to arguments over marriage, family affairs, and problems related to them. The Best Family Court Advocates in India Must Be Found. In other words, contact top lawyers in Kolkata for online legal advice.

best family lawyers in Kolkata

Understanding Family Law in India

Misunderstandings in the family are the most personal problem. It is much more problematic when it comes to Family and Matrimony. The main areas of concern that require legal clarification are listed below. We assist in resolving the following list of problems.

Indian Family Law Maintenance and Alimony Procedures

Family law in India is mostly controlled by the:-

  • Special Marriage Act of 1954
  • The Parsi Marriage and Family and Matrimony Act of 1936,
  • The Indian Family and Matrimony Act of 1869
  • The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act of 1956, and the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955.
  • The reasons for awarding alimony to either spouse under these Acts include
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Why Choose Us as Your Reliable Family Lawyers in Kolkata

The Technofin India Law Firm is an effective Family and Matrimony law specialist. In any case, we offer excellent family lawyers in Kolkata. Because we at Technofin India Law Firm in family law, we can give our clients the right advice.

Our expertise in family law makes us the top Family lawyers in Kolkata, ensuring that our clients receive the proper care. We are very aware of the need to protect the privacy of the information we collect from clients, and we completely abide by this guideline.

Domestic and international Family and Matrimony, mutual consent Family and Matrimony, alimony claims, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements involving children (which specify how the couple’s children may live with them in the event of a Family and Matrimony), domestic violence, and counseling sessions on other Family and Matrimony-related issues are all topics we cover.

Grounds for Family And Matrimony

There are many grounds to get a Family and Matrimony, but some of the more significant ones include adultery, sickness, impotence, and mistreatment from a spouse or his family. The term “disease” refers to any fatal condition, whether it be physical or mental. According to the Family and Matrimony Act, no court will entertain a Family and Matrimony petition within a year of marriage.

The following are the Family and Matrimony processes that must be followed in court:

Facts Must Be Presented

  • The first step in the Family and Matrimony process is to sign a vakalat, which authorizes your lawyer to represent you in court.
  • The next step in the Family and Matrimony petition filing process is for the party seeking a Family and Matrimony to provide the court with copies of their marriage license or invitation, two passport-size and two postage-stamp-sized wedding photos, and verification from their Aadhaar card.

What To Be Included?

Facts should be included in the Family and Matrimony petition, and while the grounds for Family and Matrimony can differ depending on the parties’ respective religions, the general grounds for Family and Matrimony include infidelity, physical or mentally abusive behavior, sexual impotence, either party having an incurable disease, and either party being clinically insane.

The court’s jurisdiction should be stated in the petition

You must also supply facts about your living arrangements with family members and children, as well as income tax records and wage information, in addition to the reasons for Family and Matrimony.

Custody And Visitation Of Children, Family And Matrimony, Alimony Or Maintenance Payments, And Domestic Violence

Lawyers that specialize in matrimonial and family law are qualified to guide their clients through the court system and to a just and equitable conclusion. These lawyers frequently assist their clients in settling their disputes outside of court in a way that is acceptable to both sides.

These lawyers can, however, also represent their clients in court if a settlement cannot be made. No of the specifics of your case, a marital and family conflict lawyer at Aran Law Associates can assist you in defending your rights and pursuing the best result.

This is especially beneficial when there is a disagreement amongst relatives who nonetheless wish to keep ties with one another. Our Kolkata family lawyers have a great deal of expertise with matters that are emotionally difficult.

They are able to comprehend their client’s requirements and desires better as a result. They make use of this information to assist their customers in coming to an amicable agreement for all parties.

Abandonment, Infidelity, Brutality, Or The Other Spouse’s Mental Or Physical Disability

In situations when one spouse earns much more money than the other spouse, the court may also mandate alimony. The demands of the depending spouse and the other spouse’s financial capacity are often taken into account when determining the amount of alimony the court will provide.

In addition to alimony, the court may also impose maintenance on handicapped spouses or young children. The purpose of maintenance payments, which are often provided on a monthly basis, is to pay for necessities including clothes, housing, and food.